Monday, 17 October 2011

Welcome to New Zealand!

Tuesday October 18th (still Monday night at home).

Well it was a SUPER long flight! 19 hours on 3 different planes - pretty uneventful with very little turbulence.
The flight from LA to Auckland was BRUTAL - my knees were sore and I'm not a big person and I have short legs - can't imagine what someone who was claustrophobic would have done as the space was tight and confining. The washrooms were huge so go figure.
My row was 3 women - I sat beside Bridget Jones who invited me for dinner Friday night and she WAS Bridget Jones - so we had some good chats about life and what life throws at you!
So - we will see how life unfolds - I would have to rent a car as she lives on the coast.
I had a 9 hour layover in Auckland which was brutal as it was TOO long to hang out at the airport and too short to get into anything - decision was between a wine tour or shopping so I figured I would shop - my true calling!
It is "All Blacks" fever here - it's actually very exciting to be somewhere with a winning team!
So the "All Blacks" are in the World Rugby final on Sunday - everyone is wearing black and most men wear the shirts. I picked up a few things for Carol's son as a surprise as he's the rugby guy at home.
The bronze game is Friday night - so not sure how hard tickets would be to get so I will keep my ears open - not that I know a thing about Rugby but it would be a cool experience!

Searching for 'wool' things - so far the costs are similar to home - so not sure what to buy!

Today I started learning about technology in the New Zealand classrooms - very similar to our challenges although their schools tend to be smaller.
 Ginnie would love to know that the mobile carts also have the projectors attached to them - making it really an all in one cart!

I have a meeting with the Minister of Education tonight - I better google to find out who that is - and something about them - don't even know if it's male or female - yikes!


  1. Welcome to New Zealand! It is a long time to be at the airport, glad your getting into rugby fever our national sport.

    Good luck for your meeting, with Anne Tolley....

  2. I am so jealous! The third place match is Wales v Australia, I would give anything to be there! Hopefully you get tickets and enjoy!