Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How 12 year olds blew my mind!

I love being around kids - I've always loved children and this is probably the best part of my job - kids are honest, open to new ideas, don't think about consequences and thus everything is possible.

I often remind young people that most great inventions were created by people in their 20's as they have no limits!

So put me with Grade 7's who are using free software and I'm blown away.
When asked about technology they respond; - that they love using technology - they want more of it and it's easy - BUT are they learning anything?

Yesterday I reviewed their e-portfolios and was impressed with what they had in their portfolios. I saw assignments that we would have done on paper BUT does online with the same impact?  I would have loved these ideas when my kids were little as there would have been less paper pieces and glue over my floors and tables.

The students first told me it took 30 minutes to do the assignments I was looking at but with further probing realized that they meant it took 30 minutes to put it together online - they completely ignored the hours they took to gather the information as they thought it was fun! They were also excited to explain the work to me - a sign of true engagement and not rote learning.

I learned so much from them that I will post some of their ideas in separate posts as I don't want to skim over what I was taught.

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