Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Challenge of being a Principal

We had a good discussion about how to support and develop good principals.
It is a challenge in single admin schools to support and develop them. How do they get the supports that they need and when they need them?
There are so many responsibilities for Principals including keeping schools safe but if we expect them to be the curriculum leaders how are we supporting them?
There is a new system that has been developed here in New Zealand called EPS - its been described to me as a GPS system for principals but based on the description sounds more like a 360 Feedback review which is suppose to give Principals the good, bad and the ugly about what is happening in their schools. At this point its only given to staff to fill in and there are discussions to include parental, student and community involvement.
EPS has recently been piloted in England and although there was some discussion about tweaking it for the UK educational system - they didn't. The early results in England are very encouraging to consider this for the Canadian system.
The feedback is invaluable to a Principal and seems like a District Review without all the upfront work - but the results are where you can build from - I am looking forward to a further discussion on this tomorrow.

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