Monday, 17 October 2011

QR codes

So I always thought QR codes were annoying - you know the squiggles in life that you see that you are suppose to scan and it gives you a secret message.
Why do I care? Why would I bother scanning some symbol for some information - I'm more practical - tell me what you want in "English"....

That's what I thought.

Today I learned how to engage learners using QR codes - how?
Simple, you can take ideas and concepts and it's really like a treasure map for kids.
Everywhere these QR codes exist - and what kid doesn't like to think they are special and know something their parent doesn't know!
Don't worry I don't plan to make everything in my life a QR code!


  1. lovely to meet a visitor from Canada at the workshop

  2. Wish I had a QR reader to decipher your code...