Monday, 17 October 2011

Amazing People of New Zealand

Tues Oct 18th - still 17th at home
So I am with an interesting group of educators right now - 3 teacher leads in ICT, a couple of teachers, a student teacher and a principal; so I'm getting a perspective of all the interesting aspects of education here.
So far it seems to be a MAC world but I will keep my eyes open.
They are telling me that phone plans are also very expensive here - so will be looking to see about the student usage and whether or not they bring them to the classroom.
Every school develops their own ICT plan - which would be similar to us - not sure if that's the most efficient way for technology.
Just learned that there is a blog in New Zealand - on iPad and iPods - so I will get my ICT leads to sign up for that!
it's called School iPad/iPod User Group where they share all sorts of ideas - website is

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