Thursday, 20 October 2011

So do you like reading a paper book or e-readers?

I must admit that I prefer the paper version of a book and a magazine. In fact, for my online magazine subscriptions I simply just scan articles I want to read but my paper versions I still flip through every page and read the articles I want to read. I may end up reading an article I wouldn't have thought I would enjoy scanning through online.

I've been pretty good at reading anywhere, on the bus, on the subway, home and in the car (not when I'm driving). I somehow can block out the world when I read.

I've been introduced to a cool tool - it's called Book Track and you can download it from the Apple App Store. What Book Track does in a nutshell is create a soundtrack for your e-book which is so cool for those who have challenges with blocking out the world. As well it makes reading more engaging and you can control the 3 aspects - sounds, ambient noises and music. I'm sure this would make reading more engaging to our students as they live in such a multi-media world it's hard for them to read in a linear way.

I wonder if we could improve the love of reading with a tool like this?


  1. I love this idea! A big draw for my students when I tell them they are allowed to use cell phones is the ability to listen to music while they are reading in class - exactly for the reason you've described - block out the general classroom noise. I do it myself!

    I also want to say a huge thank you for the papers and gift! That must of been a quite a struggle packing them up, but I really appreciate it as I've been reading them - thank you so much!

    I'm also thinking of using QR codes in my classroom, so I'll have to let you know how they went.

  2. Hi there

    I trust you got home safely.

    Hey great that you are already getting comments from others via your blog. Well done you.

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