Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Meeting with Ausis and Kiwis

So I had the opportunity to spend some time with people from the Ministry of Education from New Zealand and Australia.
It was an interesting discussion as we have many similarities in our educational system.
One key place where we are opposite is attracting people into the profession.
We had a good discussion about why this would be. My first thought was it must be the pay scale - as that would be a key reason not to choose to be a teacher.
The reality Australia starts teachers around $60K and New Zealand $42K - so not a barrier like I thought.
It's an interesting discussion - as I know the doors have always been open for us to get our Bachelor of Education here and have it accepted in Canada.
There was a discussion about them looking to Canada to bring some of our trained teachers here.
I wonder if it's because we value teachers - but I'm sure I will have more discussions about why they have a teacher shortage and we don't.

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