Sunday, 7 February 2016

Play - do adults get too involved?

Do we as adults, parents, teachers - direct kids how to play?

Do we bring our stereo types to the table and affect how and what our kids do and play?

I was talking to a parent of a Grade 2 girl who is really good friends with a boy the same age - the Mother of the girl remarked that her daughter really enjoyed  playing with the boy as he would come to her house and play "Barbies".

My brother played Barbies with us - growing up with 3 sisters - in the country - you didn't have a lot of playmates to choose from...
So my parents didn't step in - we learned to play different things...

Are parents trying too hard these days to direct play? Let kids choose what and how they want to play.

Another parent told me the story that a teacher was concerned that her SK son was choosing to play with the girls at recess and perhaps the parents should intervene to suggest he play with the boys instead.

I personally believe we should let kids choose their playmates and what they want to play - unless it is unsafe play - we, as adults, should not interfere.

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