Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Child's Play

On my PA duty watching children, I made an interesting observation.

10 Kids - 6 girls and 4 boys
Ages 4-12

We were going to play board games (that's funny in itself as I am not sure how many of these kids have actually sat down and played a board game in this video/technology age.)

Instead entering the play room - they all raced to play in the 2 houses - they played well together and interacted.

I was surprised as the world I grew up in the boys would have gone to play with the blocks and built things and the girls would have played in the houses. This was not the case.

Eventually the blocks were used to build things but it was started by a girl, and then some of the boys joined in.

What was interesting for me to observe was that there wasn't the stereo type of my generation that the girls would play house and the boys would build - everyone did everything.

In an attempt to show them a board game, while that lasted only seconds.

It was great to see integrated play and that they didn't need any direction from an adult or perhaps even better an adult that told them what they should be playing.

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