Saturday, 24 March 2012

Technology in the Classroom - what's next?

Students have fully embraced technology - I don't know a student in high school that doesn't bring their smart phone and other devices to school!

So how are we moving forward with assisting them to use technology in the classroom?

It's frustrating as we aren't tapping into the resources in the classroom.

We still are using OLD and OUTDATED models which needs to be blown up and re-thought. Why are we still buying devices and trying to roll them out in an equitable way?

Why are we not looking at NEW and INNOVATIVE models. Why don't we see what students are bringing to school anyway and see how we can incorporate it.

How do we make the transition to College and Universities where students are expected to bring their own laptops?

Do we have the classroom teacher prepared to work in a technological way? Are we letting students lead? Collaborate? Try new ways of working/participating?

What skills have we given them to be prepared for the workforce or more education?

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