Saturday, 17 March 2012

Expulsions and Lessons Learned - Part 2

So FINALLY we are looking at the expulsion process at the TDSB. I'm glad to see that we are evaluating it as I see it as TOO expensive for a board that is in dire financial straights and it doesn't benefit our students in the current format.
(NB you will hear a lot more of what I'm prepared to cut based on how I think students benefit).

Most families do not attend these sessions with a lawyer so I really question why the Trustees have a lawyer (I've done enough of these along with several of my colleagues that we don't need that support - and the 1 time I wasn't sure - a quick phone call would have resolved the issue anyway).

Secondly the Principal has a lawyer - and really it's just a re-bundling of their information. So again another unnecessary expense.

I look forward to the review and get the perspective of staff to see what they think they need.

No other board brings all the lawyers to the table like we do and so it's time to make change.

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