Sunday, 2 September 2012

Focus on Youth Toronto

One of the programs that the Liberals addressed after the "Year of the Gun" was a program called Focus on Youth.
The program focuses on two factors -
1) Employing young people that may not have the opportunity to work for the summer and give them valuable work experience.
2) Working with Youth - young students who may not have opportunities to attend camps or have experiences that will keep them busy for the sumer but also develop them will skills that will help them in the future.

The program has worked!

Anyone that has a young person in the house, knows how difficult it is for them to find a summer job with the downtown in the economy there seem to be few summer jobs. The grants that are given allow many Toronto students the opportunity to work with young people and become role models. As well the work experience varies from art projects to sports camps ensuring that every student can feel empowered to work in a field they are interested.
Many students comment that they have enjoyed working with younger students and are now considering jobs that work with children..

For those young students they have the opportunity to participate in active organized activities often in local schools, providing structure and comfort. Parents receive a side benefit of free programs that keep their children happy and active.

I hope that the government sees this summer program as an investment and not a cost!

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