Monday, 30 January 2012

Budget 2012

Well here I go again. It is interesting to see that even though I stepped away from the TDSB for 7 years - they have yet to balance their books!

We were under supervision when I left and the Tory supervisors were not able or were unwilling to make the cuts or changes required.

Then the last 7 years has been about blowing through reserves which some of the previous boards were careful to keep for a rainy day - well it's still raining BUT there are no more reserves.

So is Toronto unique? Is the funding model inadequate? Has the Provincial government downloaded more work and more programs without giving us the supports and monies required? Do we have kids coming to school everyday hungry? Do we have urban issues that are not being addressed in the static funding model?
The answer is YES to all.

So as we try to find $85 million in our budget what direction do we go? Do we put children first or budgeting the books first? This is a moment that I'm not sure Solomon would know what to do.

So for now I will listen and contemplate BUT I have a different perspective now - I won't bow down to anyone or any group - I will make my decisions on what I think is best for the students of Toronto.

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